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About Me

I’m a Brooklyn-based web developer with a love of clean code and clear design.

I build websites and web applications to help people and businesses. I’ve worked on sites that get millions of visitors, and sites that process millions of dollars. My tools of choice are Ruby on Rails and WordPress – with them I can solve just about any problem you throw at me.

Please enjoy browsing my recent projects below, and feel free to leave me a message with any questions or comments. If you have a problem you think I can solve, please contact me so we can discuss your business requirements.


Limmud FSU

Limmud FSU is a yearly conference for Jews from the former Soviet Union. They had a beautiful new website, but were frustrated with the online registration system. They had a list of things they wanted to be able to do, including automatic integration with PayPal, the ability to search conference attendees by any criteria, and a way to easily manage roommate assignments and requests.

As lead developer for The Computer Studio, I worked with the client and the rest of TCS team to reimagine the registration process. We produced an application with a rich experience for the attendees, and a comprehensive management panel for the organizers. The site was used for the March 2013 conference, and we are analyzing its performance in order to make improvements for next year.

The registration system is built using Ruby on Rails, with a rich JavaScript front end.

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Elite Daily

Elite Daily is a magazine startup aiming to be the top online destination for Generation Y. They had a few features they wanted for their WordPress site, but kept being told they were asking for the impossible. When they called me, I told them my motto: you can do anything in WordPress. Since then, I’ve implemented a number of features to help them monetize their site, including adding preroll ads to their video content, adding banner ads with easily managed widgets that integrate with their adserver, a rich image sharing application for affiliate links, and much more.

Since I started working with them in March 2012, Elite Daily has grown immensely, now getting millions of unique visitors per month. The site looked great and had tons of content, but it was starting to run slowly, sometimes taking up to a minute for a page load. I moved the site to Amazon Web Services and set up a new server optimized to handle their traffic levels. The site now loads in 2-4 seconds, all without significantly increasing hosting costs or changing a line of code.

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R. F. Ougheltree and Associates

For this site, I acted as lead developer for the Computer Studio, working with TCS’s designer and front end developer to build a new content management system with a rich admin interface using ASP.NET MVC.

Insurance wholesaler R. F. Ougheltree and Associates needed a way to manage dozens of pages with multiple forms, nested pages, and a complex site structure. We built a custom solution for them that meets their needs exactly.

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Pastel Painters of Maine

The Pastel Painters of Maine use their network of active artists to promote pastel painting through education, exhibitions, paint-ins, and other events. They already had a website, but they wanted it to be easier to update themselves. On top of that, the design of the site was starting to look a little dated.

Without starting from scratch, I updated the design (as you can see from the before and after shots, left), making the site easier to read, easier to navigate, and easier to change. Now they can manage content, slideshows, and events without having to learn HTML.

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Cadillac Moon Ensemble

CME is a quartet of New York musicians that is building a new body of music for their unique instrumentation. The sound of flute, strings, and percussion is a versatile mix, one that seems to lead composers to vivid imagery, from oceans, to the moon, to the streets of Puerto Rico.

The group made a studio recording in the fall of 2011, and they wanted a platform they could use to promote their activities to audiences, presenters, and other supporters. Their website, which is under ongoing development, will include a blog and integration with social media. Behind the scenes, I’ve also built a tool that allows them to manage their extensive repertoire list in Excel and automatically convert it to the format that appears on the website.

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Larchmont Music Academy

LMA is a thriving music school in Westchester County with lessons, classes, and events year-round. They had been making do with a website they had built themselves, but it was time to move on. They needed a place for their students and faculty to get important information, a public website to continue to attract new students, and a backend that would be easy for them to update and maintain.

I built a website that prominently features beautiful photographs of their students and evokes the open, friendly atmosphere of the school. It leads prospective students through all the information they need to get started, and it keeps the next event right on the homepage – updated automatically as events pass. Most importantly, it is built on WordPress to make it easy to add pages and update content.

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Curtis Stewart

Curtis Stewart is an amazing, and very busy, violinist. He plays fluently in a lot of different styles, and is constantly starting new projects and ensembles. He needed a website that could reflect all the different facets of his musical personality, and give audience members a way to keep track of everything he is involved with. He also wanted to make sure that visitors to the site could start listening to his recordings as soon as they got there, and continue listening without interruption as they browsed the different pages.

I created a site that treats the page as a vessel that can be filled with different styles. The container starts out empty and gives visitors a chance to fill it as they see fit. The site takes slideshows, audio, and graphics, and arranges them into a balanced, interactive environment that reflects Curtis’s range and creativity.

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